What Are Home Business Ethics and Values?

“Business ethics are the moral values and principles set forth for a company or market. Proper business ethics are vital for a business to be successful, providing quality care and honesty to consumers.” Ask.com

Unfortunately, home business industry has very little to no regulations and enforcement of morality and principle. Other than the FTC government regulations and a few certification programs, it is very easy to get caught in an immoral get rich quick scheme.

Just to make it clear I have to admit I am the first person to openly resist rules and regulations. I mean, I home school my children, I work from home, I have 4 kids (2 too many:) ), I married someone with very little education even though I have a masters degree in non other than, education. So you can see that I am not a person that willingly follows rules that are set by our society, my parents or the government.

One of the beauties of this industry is that anyone regardless of their education, race, gender, income or social status can start and succeed building a home business. As a matter of fact, the industry birthed more millionaires than any other business industry worldwide. And although it is beautiful to see and hear of many rags to riches stories, it is also unfortunate to see that some of them were built with no moral or principle, leaving many people behind confused and in disbelief of being taken advantage of.

Somehow, it is normal to hear some people, even those in midlevel leadership roles of the home business industry say things like: “I am getting involved in this opportunity and I don’t know how long it will last, but even if it’s only a year, it’s worth it for the kind of money I will make!!” Now, that statement is neither moral nor ethical, and unfortunately, it is my belief, that it is the cause that will force the government to step in and enforce their rules and regulations.

Having no governmental rules and regulations means freedom to “live free or die”, as the logo of the state of New Hampshire states, originally written by General John Stark. And anyone who is jeopardizing our freedom in the home business industry with these types of practices will pay a price with the loss of their good reputation and respect from their peers. Now some of you may think “big deal”, I still made my money… and so I would just remind you that money doesn’t last forever and the day you need it and try to get back into business again, will mean facing the reality of your prior actions. There is plenty of proof of that, just Google any guru from the 90s and read all about it.

But, here is a word of caution…

There are some leaders in the industry who are playing their cards using psychology and the psychology of influence. They present themselves as reputable and honest but are motivated by greed and short term gains. They are full of promises and tales of hand holding and guiding, and just talk a good game full of theory and minimal practice. Those are the most dangerous!! They may help a few people along the way, but will ruin thousands.

So how can you avoid getting caught too?

  1. When you are looking to learn a new skill or are looking for a system, make sure you chose your new teacher/coach wisely. They will sound excited, and positive, so don’t get caught in the excitement, be objective and look at how the system fits into your business. Look at the facts!!!
  2. Are these people getting results and more importantly are their students getting results. But not just that, how many of their students are NOT getting results?? This is the big reveal, if you ignore it you will likely end up in that category.
  3. Don’t make decisions blindly and on the fly. Think things through and sleep on them before you pull out your credit card.
  4. Be aware of what people are saying and what they are doing. This is also very important!!! People will talk a good game. They will tell you that they are all about chilling out in Bermuda working by the pool side, and yet they are working 16 hours a day, pounding the phones, or holding conference calls and webinars on a daily bases. There is a major incongruence between what they say and do that will ruin your chances to succeed. Their practices are not duplicable and will not serve anyone else but themselves.

Business ethics and values come from your character deep down in the core of your being and if they are tainted in any way, you may experience short term success but it will not last long term. Being a leader in any industry is a privilege and an honor, and thus should be taken with great responsibility. Knowing how to build a business is as important as knowing how to sustain it. Business is an industry that affects everyone in our country one way or another; therefore your actions can cause a massive ripple effect. Make sure that your ripple effect is a positive one!!!